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What is a Global Healthcare Project and who is it for?

A Global Healthcare Project is a structured, two-week healthcare work experience in an overseas hospital. It’s specially designed to give you clinical experience that helps your university application stand out from that of your peers.

You will spend your two weeks shadowing highly qualified specialists — your mentors — as you rotate through departments, getting experience that is impossible to get anywhere else.

You should consider a Global Health Project if any of the below apply to you:

  • You want overseas clinical work experience that will boost your university application
  • You are considering a career in healthcare and want help deciding where to specialise
  • You did not get into your first choice university but want to reapply
  • You have deferred your university place until next year
  • You are taking a gap year before you decide which route you want to take

Speak to an expert

Your first step is to speak to one of our consultants.

You can either submit an enquiry, or phone to speak directly to a consultant.

Your consultant will give you information about our destinations and the hospital experience.

Our consultants are experts — they’re extremely knowledgeable and have answers to all of your questions.

Once you’ve decided when and where you want to travel, you can make sure your space is saved by paying a £300 registration fee.

Preparing you for your trip

You will then get access to MyTrip — your online experience planner. The planner gives you a wealth of information about your chosen destination — packing essentials, information about your hospital, who your housemates will be, and language guides that include videos that make it easy to pick up useful words and phrases.

In the run up to your trip, you will have a series of calls with our team who will help ready you for the experience. These calls cover everything from what you can expect in the hospital to local cultural etiquette.

To finalise your trip, you need to clear your balance 90 days before your departure date. You don’t have to do this all at once — you can spread the cost across smaller instalments.

Then, all that's left for you to do is get on the plane.

What happens when you arrive?

Airport Pickup

When you arrive, your Work the World Project Leader will be there waiting to pick you up from the airport. You’ll then travel together back to the Work the World accommodation.

Once you have met your housemates and settled in, your Project Leader will deliver:

A welcome briefing

This short briefing welcomes you to the programme and covers what you can expect over the next two weeks.

A city orientation

Your Project Leader will take you and your housemates out on a tour of the city. You’ll visit local cultural hotspots, see some of the sights, and head to a restaurant for your first experience of the local cuisine.

A hospital tour and department introductions

Before your hospital experience starts, your Project Leader will take you to the hospital to get a feel for the setting before you start and meet your mentors.

Life in the Work the World House

The Work the World house — the secure, private accommodation you’ll live in — is your home from home, and a fun social hub while you’re with us overseas.

Each house has spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges, dining rooms, gardens and in some cases swimming pools! You’ll have WiFi too, so you can stay in touch with friends and family back at home.

Your Project Leader and their team run the house, so you’re never far from support should you need it.

Every Work the World house is:

Fully catered your in-house catering team provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you’ll get to try both delicious local dishes and more familiar Western-style food when you need a bit of home comfort. Just let us know if you have any dietary requirements and we will cater to them.

Secure 24/7 — The destinations we operate in are safe by the FCO. But, every Work the World house has 24/7 security for your peace of mind.

Your home from home — You have housekeeping and cleaners to make sure you’re comfortable during your stay.

Your hospital experience

Monday to Friday each week, you’ll travel to the hospital with your Project Leader.

You’ll spend mornings shadowing clinical mentors (all speak excellent English) to get eye-opening experience as you rotate through the following departments:

  1. Emergency
  2. Maternity
  3. Paediatrics
  4. General medicine
  5. Surgery

Remember that the Work the World team is available throughout the experience. And when you rotate to a new department, the team will take you there and introduce you to your mentors.

Primary healthcare visit — On one afternoon, you’ll visit a primary healthcare clinic to learn about healthcare, cases and treatments. This is to help you understand the healthcare system outside of the hospital setting.

This might include maternity, HIV, and vaccination clinics.

Afternoon activities

When you finish in the hospital, you’ll take part in one of these organised afternoon activities:

  • Teaching seminars - Hosted by local healthcare staff and focused on prevalent diseases, diagnoses and treatments
  • Q&A sessions - Clinical Q&A with local healthcare students
  • Language lessons - Fun, informal lessons on the local language
  • Cooking classes - Learn how to cook local dishes with the house catering team
  • Friday night BBQ - A chance for you to get together with your housemates and enjoy local cultural activities

Then, when your trip comes to an end, your Project Leader will take you safely back to the airport to get your flight home.

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