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6 Reasons to Get Medical Work Experience Overseas Before You Go to Uni

Getting into your university of choice is one of life’s more significant challenges.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering applying for university, or you might have already missed out on your first choice.

Whichever situation sounds most like yours, there’s one way to massively boost your chances of getting into the university you want. And that’s by undertaking Work the World’s new Global Health Projects.

These are exclusive two-week experiences in an overseas hospital, helping you impress whichever universities you’re applying for. You’ll shadow local doctors and get experience that only a select few can demonstrate. You’ll even get a professional reference from a Hospital Director to prove what you’ve achieved.

What are the benefits?

Strengthen your academic profile

Good grades and a well thought out personal statement are one thing. But what else do you have in your application that helps you stand out among the other candidates?

Undertaking a Global Health Project with Work the World adds weight to your application and gives you something more tangible to complement your grades and evidence of what you’ve said in your personal statement.

How many other applicants will be able say they’ve travelled to Africa or Asia to get work experience in a hospital? Not many.

Impress universities with experience in a clinical setting

Getting real life experience like this will absolutely impress universities when they read over your application.

While you’re on your Global Health Project, you’ll see a range of unfamiliar cases and practices. These differ depending on the destination you choose, but to give you an idea you could see tropical diseases, high patient volumes, how cultural beliefs influence medical practices, and doctors using ingenuity in the absence of modern equipment.

These are things that very few people can say they’ve seen, even students who are already at university.

Build a network of future healthcare professionals to tap into during your career

While you’re overseas, you’ll live with other students like you in the Work the World House.

They might not be interested in the same discipline as you, but the important point is if like you they’re committed enough to travel to Africa or Asia to get work experience, they’re probably going to go on to do great things.

And it doesn’t hurt to have people like that in your contacts

Gain perspective that will reframe your view of healthcare in the UK

"My elective in Nepal was eye-opening. I became much more appreciative of the basic care we believe all people are entitled to, regardless of their pay. I feel privileged to have seen how local staff and patients viewed medicine and the human body" - Progga Saha, Nepal

People often find fault with the NHS (and it’s by no means perfect), but this is more often than not thanks to a lack of perspective. Travelling to Africa or Asia to see what things could be like will open your eyes to the stark reality faced by some people in low-resource hospital systems.

When you come home, you’ll have a much greater appreciation for the NHS. And this new perspective will help frame your time at university.

Build your confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone

Undertaking a Global Health Project shows that you’re willing to tackle new experiences head on. It’s novel experiences like these that help us grow into the people we could be.

The more you put yourself in front of, the more you and your confidence will develop.

A Global Health Project is your chance to start realising your potential. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to challenge yourself, and you’ll emerge from the experience a stronger and more confident person.

Get an idea of where you might specialise later in your career

On a Global Health Project, you’ll get a breadth of experience across a range of key departments. The aim is for you to see how a hospital operates from the inside. You’ll be interacting with local hospital staff all the time, so you’ll get deep insight into their specific fields and what their job is like day to day.

So, whether you’re interested in nursing, medicine, midwifery, radiography, physiotherapy… you name it, you’ll get a better idea of which track you might want to take at university and beyond.

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