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What can you expect from our accommodation?

So. You’re looking to kick-start your career in healthcare with clinical experience overseas.

You’ve decided when and where you want to travel and you’ve secured your spot on one of our Global Health Projects. And now you’re wondering where and whom you’ll be living with while you’re away.

No problem – we’ve got that covered.

Your Work the World House, where you’ll be staying during your overseas experience, will be your private, fully-catered home away from home.

What exactly is a Work the World House?

It’s a private house with enough room that it can fit about 20 people with space to spare. Each house has its own unique character, inspired by local culture.

The houses are large Western-style houses with spacious shared bedrooms. That means you get all the comforts of home. And more – most of our houses have swimming pools, lush gardens, roof terraces with stunning views…

There’s plenty of space to relax. You might come home from the hospital and sit in the sun with a book. Or you might want to jump into the pool for a swim.

And it’s easy to stay in contact with friends and family back at home – all of the houses are set up with the best WiFi available.

Meet the team

The houses are fully catered – all your meals are included. Each house has its own qualified catering team and they cook up some of the tastiest food you’ll ever eat. You’ll get to try local specialities, and when you want some comfort food, they can prepare your favourites from home too.

And if you have any dietary requirements, our skilled caterers will accommodate them.

Our houses are run by your Project Leader and their team who are hired from the local community. They have an excellent level of English and they’ll be on hand to help usher you into the country’s culture and teach you everything you need to know about your host country.

And it doesn’t end there.

Your Project Leader and their team support you throughout your experience. They’ll meet you at the airport. They’ll take you and your housemates on a tour of the city. And before your hospital experience starts, they’ll accompany you to the hospital to introduce you to your mentors.

Because your Project Leader is based at your Work the World House, you’re never too far from support should you need it.

A fun social hub

When you first arrive at the house, you’ll be taken on the grand tour. The next step is your welcome briefing, where you’ll get all the information you need for the next two weeks. You’ll also have the chance to get to know your housemates during the welcome dinner.

The Work the World experience is a social experience. You’ll meet people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Living with people with similar interests to you in a new and unusual setting forms strong bonds. You’ll travel to the hospital together and spend your free time together.

Our BBQ nights happen once a week. The catering team will grill up the tastiest barbecue grub you’ve ever eaten. They’ll be some cultural entertainment throughout the evening too, so you’ll have great fun unwinding from the week with your housemates!

Your language lessons will also be hosted in your Work the World House. Taught by a local language teacher, you’ll learn key phrases as well as clinical terminology to help you get the most from your hospital experience.

Your safety is top priority

We send someone from our UK office to carefully choose the location for each house. They make sure it meets our long list of requirements.

The houses are:

  • Close to the hospital where your experience takes place

  • Close to the city centre

  • In a reputable neighbourhood

That last point is particularly important. But it’s also important to stress that we vet the destination as a whole – not just the local area – before we establish a base.

Of course, there’s some level of risk involved everywhere you go – the UK included. That’s why we look carefully at the destinations we operate in.

We keep a close eye on local government advice and speak to our staff on the ground to make sure you’re safe.

On top of this, every Work the World House has a security team. It’s not that they need it, but having 24/7 security gives you peace of mind while you’re in an unfamiliar place, away from home.

The world is a different place since COVID-19. And we understand that you may want extra assurances when you travel overseas.

So, we’ve worked hard to develop strict COVID protocols in all our houses.

Your Project Leader and their team are fully briefed and trained, so when you travel, you can do so with confidence.

If you want more information about our accommodation, fill out the short enquiry form to speak to our expert team.

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